>5 DNA Qualities of my future wife

4 Aug

>CORE DNA ( main cromosoma 3,5, 12 and 20):

1. Physical Stamina

2. Mental Strength

3. Very Intelligent

4. Wise

5. Pretty

Therefore, probably, she is a:

6. Career woman

7. Plays rugby or soccer

8. Can learn new language fast

9. Was a Mac user before 2001 (Intelligent)

10. Commits very few mistakes

11. Avoids pain-killers

12. Cries seldom

13. Pays her bills

14. Has Almond shaped eyes

15. Straight hair

16. White skin

17. Her grand parents sent her to an Elite university

18. She has the swim record at her college

19. Has few mirrors at home

20. Does not buy food in convinience stores because she knows is bad for your health

21. Decision maker

22. Iron Discipline

23. Descendant of Samurai

24. Fits the male role

25. Drinks Contrex

26. Suffers Miopia

27. Her house is in order

28. Can read a map

29. Has few miss-communication problems

30. She drinks guinness

31. Always votes for the younger politician in an election

32. Does not smoke

33. Can drive

One Response to “>5 DNA Qualities of my future wife”

  1. Anonymous August 7, 2009 at 9:53 pm #

    >¿Pero en q mundo vives? Despierta.

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