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>Muro de las lamentaciones

30 Sep

One lament, one moment.



28 Sep

>Online shop:
POINT: jewel-fashion
GEO: 42 countries
OWNED-Shops: 350 tiendas, 95% of them are franchise.
Management: Family oriented.
LOGISTICS: They ship daily from Manresa to Worldwide from a big safe-box. This seems to indicate they track their inventory on a daily basis.
SALES 2007: 325M€
MANPOWER: 1850 ppl.
170 000€/ employee

>Estrategia FarmVille Strategies

22 Sep

Farmville meeting group.

Estos dias he estado jugando a Farmville, el famoso juego de Zynga en facebook. (Si ya se que no tengo vida social). El objetivo de farmville es expandir tu granja mediante la plantación de cultivos y ganado, que compras y luego vendes al cabo de unos diaas. Los ingresos te permiten financiar la expanxión. (o sea un tipo monopoly) Gran parte del aliciente del juego es que puedes comparar tus skills de granjero con tus amigos de facebook. Ni que decir tiene que con solo ver como una persona monta una granja se puede aprender mucho de su caracter. Si es persevernate… Si prioriza eficiencia o estetica… etc.
Zygna facturó 50M USD en 2008.

Como yo queria ser un granjero economista mejor que mis vecinos granjeros. Decidí buscar por internet… “farmville strategies” y cual ha sido mi sorpresa que ninguna de las guias que andan por ahi… como por ejemplo farmville-the-unofficial-strategy-guide tiene en cuenta los costes fijos de arado… asi que por si a alguien le sirve de algo…

Bueno, al grano. El rendimineto de capital de una cosecha es:

PVP – (coste semillas + coste arado )
tiempo de maduración

Fresas or Strawberry
35 -(10 + 15)/ 4h = 10/4h = 2.5$/h

Calabaza or Pumpking

68 -( 30 + 15 ) /8h = 22/8h 2.75$/h


121 -(40 +15 ) / 48h = 1.375$/h

Soy bean

63 -(15 +15 )/ 24 = 1.33$/h

So clearly the best crop framville is: pumpking and not strawberry as they say. Claramente, la mejor opcion son las calabazas y no las fresas como se dice por ahi.

>1990 Israel

16 Sep

Only in Israel. Civilian gas masks.


15 Sep

Half the worlds laptops are made by their papa

>Haruki Murakami review

14 Sep

The last page of the book.

Haruki Murakami or Murakami Haruki aka 村上春樹
The influential writer has released his autobiography book, english translation:”What I talk when I talk about running”. I wonder if many people will become a writer inspired by him or if many other will sign up for marathons around the world or triathlons after reading this book. Who knows. Anyway, I read the book. So here is my review: This book is crap, real crap. And I don’t mean the usual crap one gets in the book store these days, but the one of the first quality crap. That one you just find once upon every few years. As they say, if we get a crappier bio book this year we will be really happy. And don’t forget: suffering is optional, hawaii is suzushii in summer, everybody feels like a worthless dolphin washed on the shore once upon a time and a true gentleman never talks about how much tax he has paid or past girlfriends… oh yeah and dont forget, I made this review up Sorry!

>Five Love Movies you didn’t know about

13 Sep


1. Turn Left Turn Right (HK)
2. Das Experiment (GER)
3. Manuale d’Amore (ITA)
4. War and Peace (USA)
5. My Boyfirend is blood type B (KR)