>condensed bio

9 Sep

>I was born blond in Zaragoza in 1976.

With my blue coat and my blond hair
people thought I belonged to nobility.

By age two moved to Barcelona.

I just have a fuzzy memory of my first years:
The shade of the trees in pre-school; the toys;
Me touching my Mums belly with sister inside kicking.

We did not have a TV set.

By age five moved to another city that looks like Haifa.

My mum hated her hob.

Parents separate.

My sister loses her hair out of stress.

At six, I win the school Spring poetry contest,
I have to read my poem in front of the school
but havent learnt to read print letters yet.
The class is totally uninteresting. I fail the
course but I advance to the next.

At age 9 I win the school’s short story tales contest.
I buy the FT for the first time, but papa says its too
expensive. I am mesmerized by the rows of numbers.

At age 16 my parent sent me to a notoriously low-income
neiborghood school. With very few girls… and fewer
interesting classmates. Mama thinks they are doing the
revolutionary cool thing.

By age 18 I have been in 9 different schools. University enters.

At age 21 I start learning Japanese and Chinese because lectures are so uninteresting.

At age 22 I spend a summer La Provence and win a essay contest and a ticket to Japan.

At age 25 I get a scholarship for PhD in robotics.

At 26 I appear on a TV comercial of Meiji chocolate.

At 29 I spend a summer time with fishermen in Niijima island.

At 30 I write a booklet about Toyota.

At age 31 I spend one year at CERN, Geneva.

At age 32 I spend one year teaching in BCN. Start three websites with friends.

I spend the summer working in Manga Conventions in Holland, Paris, Helsinki and Viena. The rest of the summer I visit Japan, Taiwan and Israel.

At age 33 7am I begin training for the marathon.

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