>Fun facts about Israel

10 Sep

Israeli recruits in Jerusalem

In 1935 Israel was barren stretch of land; the place where Tel Aviv stands now was a big swamp. In the 40s someone planted some Eucalyptus to soak up the land. Now lays a park where Madonna stages big concerts.

Nowadays, in Israel both men has to serve 3 years and women have to serve 2 years of compulsory military service. The women-girl on the pic are new recruits. Light make up is allowed for female recruits but not heavy make-up. In Israel if you don’t serve in the military you wont be well accepted in society, but in Barcelona if you dont’t serve the army you WILL be well accepted. So I didn’t do it. Speaking of country building…

more fun facts about Israel:
I wonder why some people in Spain support so much the Palestinians. Just because they are cool? The Palestinians are surely cool but they sided with Adolf Hitler in WWII.

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