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>ITWORLDEDU and poken on ESADE

30 Oct


ITWORLDEDU 2009 from Harriken on Vimeo.

Notes: Well organized, nice staff, no digital natives on the conference stage… just same old MIT etc traditional media elephants… Anyhow, very nice staff and location. Did you know Poken was created by an ex-MBA in Switzerland in 2007? more coverage at : tecnotic


>The Theory of Enchufismo

24 Oct

>In China they say: Guanxi (关系)
In Spain you say: Enchufismo
In English you say: It’s not what you know it s who you know
In Neuroscience you say: The most valuable network is that with the most connections.
In Philosophy you say: The Sum as the whole is greater than sum of its parts
In Decision Science you say: Emerging properties
In Nokia they say: Connecting people

>Five advices when developing iPhone Apps

5 Oct


1. iPhone 2005 = iMode 1999
2. iPhone 2009 = Nintendo DS 2007
3. iPhone 2011 = Google Android 2012
4. Cost of developing iPhone apps < Palm Pre apps
5. Developing a game for iPhone is easier than game for C++