>A Better Place launches eTaxi in Tokyo

29 Apr


Does it exist an industrial design that would made Apple, Harmut Esslinger and Philippe Stark look lame all at the time? Think hard. Aparently yes and its related to the electric car revolution…

#1 FACT:
I always had a big sense of guilt when I drive my Honda scooter in Tokyo downtown. While I freely polluted and zoomed on the streets of Shinjuku I always felt… how much longer this crazyness is this going to last? Isn’t anybody going to stop me polluting like this?

#2 FACT:
Well, on April 26 Beter Place Inc, launched an electric battery-pack change station for all-electric taxis in Tokyo. See video. Now the electric revolution is in place backed by mckinsey iron-hard business logic and a electric blue desing.

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