>Five reasons Why Creative Common should change its logo trademark

24 Oct

The logo conundrum…


© Lawernce Lessig 2010.

THE © Symbol Became associated to a FEELING of QUALITY and
RELIABILITY because many moons ago printing paper was expensive.


© Lawernce Lessig Blog 2010.

Bloggers start using this © symbol because it is cool and it gives a sense of reasurance that they are producing quality work AND as a way to put a label that says:”Hey I made this” without looking too silly.

3 ENTER Creative Commons.

Creative commons releases a dozen of Logos that producers can embeed in their work
to show “Hey I made that AND I am cool about copyrights”


4 As designer Leesean would say: This logos are NOT NEAT and many ppl arround the world never heard about the commons concept!

5 We need something as easy to embed as the ©ASCII for example and THAT CONNECTS with layman!

☆ Lawerence Lessig. Creative Rights 1990.

To learn more about the Creative Commons click there.

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