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>New trends in Bank Guerrila Marketing

4 Apr


I was having a walk and then… I saw this

A Vandalized branch of Santander bank in Barcelona. Subprime investors express their fustration with stcikers. How many stickers can you count?
I can count 36

sticker: give back our savings Mr. Shoe

>Barcelona Photo Walk 1

31 Mar

>Following the tradition inspired by Danny Choo , this is the first series of photo walks on Barcelona. It is a Friday Night and I go out for a walk downtown. 賑やか町の金曜日の散歩21:05時スタート

I Love this shop. Its located in Pelayo street ^.^

Nokia + iPod Touch=iPhone ^.^;
the poor… have to innovate

I took this pic in cafe La Central. One of the few with wifi
だけどバッテリは二倍。 ー。ー’

Another shop in the same street. Mango is a retail shop started by Barcelona jews.

When I was freshman 1999 I wanted to work at Mango,
but I was rejected… 10 years later Mango loses a lot of money in
Japan every year, while Zara’s top turnover shop is located in Shibuya. o.o
(Mango shops in Japan are always empty and decorated in light-eating purple color.)
I wonder what would it be if I had joined Mango. I definetly would have not used purple color. Man-go is only for Wo-Men.