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22 Mar


Toyo Ito new apartments in Barcelona.

Words of wisdom: When one has a child, at first it belongs to you 100%, but then, as it grows up, it belongs less and less to you and becomes part of the society. I regard my buildings in the same way, Toyo Ito 2008.

Toyo Ito Exhibit @ CasaAsia, Barcelona, 2009

Toyo Ito visited Gaudi’s Barcelona when he was a student. He never dreamed that one day one of his buildings would overlook Gaudi building tete-a-tete. Toyo Ito Suites Home, is a serviced apartment inBarcelona produced by Derby Hotels SA. Toyo Ito also desinged the WC of the apartments.

Sketch of 2002 Fair of Barcelona (Organic) Expansion.
Source: Toyo Ito Exhibit @ CasaAsia, Barcelona, 2009