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14 Sep

The last page of the book.

Haruki Murakami or Murakami Haruki aka 村上春樹
The influential writer has released his autobiography book, english translation:”What I talk when I talk about running”. I wonder if many people will become a writer inspired by him or if many other will sign up for marathons around the world or triathlons after reading this book. Who knows. Anyway, I read the book. So here is my review: This book is crap, real crap. And I don’t mean the usual crap one gets in the book store these days, but the one of the first quality crap. That one you just find once upon every few years. As they say, if we get a crappier bio book this year we will be really happy. And don’t forget: suffering is optional, hawaii is suzushii in summer, everybody feels like a worthless dolphin washed on the shore once upon a time and a true gentleman never talks about how much tax he has paid or past girlfriends… oh yeah and dont forget, I made this review up Sorry!