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>crash dent on macbook

3 Apr

crash – dent experiment for 33cm drop impact on macbook pro aluminum unibody case. In Spanish language we say: Steve, I got a MacBollo!


>Five Mac Book pro desing Flaws – REVIEW

18 Feb

>I recently bought a mac book pro and I realised to my dismay tho following issues… please ad your discoveries to the list.


1. The backlight keyboard. If viewed from a 45 degree angle, the leds are in direct eye sight.
2. The LED backlight screen cannot be adjusted to shine low enough –> in total darkness the screen always shines WAY TOO much.
3. Overheating over 60C and use of fan!!
4. The Aluminum unibody is brittle.
5. Aluminum is a poisonous material for the skin and the body.